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Idaho Society of Professional Engineers Foundation, Inc.

The Idaho Society of Professional Engineers Foundation (ISPE Foundation) is a non-profit corporation under Title 30, Chapter 3, of the Idaho Code, and a non-profit tax-exempt organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is affiliated with the Idaho Society of Professional Engineers (ISPE). All current members of the ISPE are also members of the foundation.

The ISPE Foundation has the following objectives:

    (a) To create, promote, maintain and conduct a benevolent foundation for the advancement of educational, charitable and scientific purposes that fill human needs, primarily but not exclusively those of education of youth
    (b) To raise, maintain, and administer funds for the purpose of financing the Idaho Society of Professional Engineers state and chapter MATHCOUNTS programs

It was created as a separate entity from the ISPE with the tax-exempt status so that donors wishing to support the above objectives could deduct their donations from their income taxes. It is strongly recommended that ISPE chapters advise their donors to make their donations out to the ISPE Foundation rather than to ISPE, so that their donations are tax-deductible. Because of the foundation’s tax-exempt status, it is prohibited from taking part in any activities whose purpose is influencing legislation or electing candidates.

The foundation maintains separate accounts for the state and four chapter organizations of the ISPE. Donations designated for a particular organization will be added to the associated account.

The foundation disburses funds at the request of the ISPE chapter and state organizations. Requests meeting the above objectives are to be sent to the ISPE state office with documentation explaining for what the funds were or will be used. Requests are considered, and disbursements approved by the officers of the foundation’s board of directors.

ISPE Foundation Board of Directors:

Steve Walker - President

Lynn Olson - Vice President
Joe Canning – Secretary / Treasurer
Jay Hassell – Member
Ron Luedeman – Member





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