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Idaho Engineering Hall of Fame
2017 Inductee Nomination Form

Nomination Requirements

The Idaho Engineering Hall of Fame recognizes Idahoans who have made contributions to regional, national, or globally significant engineering accomplishments or the profession.

The recipient must:

bulletBe an Idahoan
bulletHave spent a significant portion of their professional life as a resident of Idaho
bulletHave made contributions to engineering accomplishments or the engineering profession impacting a geographical area well beyond Idaho
bulletBe of unquestionable integrity

The recipient need not be an engineer as defined by the IBPEPLS, but solely recognized by their contributions to significant engineering accomplishments.

Timeline for nominations

January, 2017 Announcement of request for nominations
May 1, 2017 Nomination deadline
June 8, 2017 The 2017 Inductee(s) into the Idaho Engineering Hall of Fame will be announced at the Idaho Society of Professional Engineers Annual Meeting in Coeur d'Alene

Please mail, email or fax the nomination to:

Idaho Society of Professional Engineers
PO Box 170239
Boise, Idaho 83717-0239
Telephone: 208-426-0636
Facsimile: 208-426-0639
Email: ispe@idahospe.org

Nominee Information

Name: __________________________________
Address: __________________________________
Phone: __________________________________
Email: __________________________________
Birth Date: __________________________________
Birth Place: __________________________________
Years Lived in Idaho: __________________________________
NSPE Affiliation (Chapter and State): __________________________________

Nominator Information

Name: __________________________________
Address: __________________________________
Phone: __________________________________
Email: __________________________________

Evaluation Criteria (Attach additional sheets as necessary.)

1. Technical Achievement - Please describe the significance of the nominee's technical achievements: 40%

2. Economic contributions - Please describe the economic contribution of the nominee's achievements to Idaho, the nation and the world. 30%

3. Other contributions - Please describe the nominee's other contributions to society. 30%





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